$ 25.00 CAD

Majestic Steed Beard Oil

A sweet, tangy, citrus aroma  mixed with the subtle, minty aroma of Spearmint essential oil.

For the guy who has “majestic” written all over him, all that is needed is a beard that smells fresh and uplifting.  Burnt Whiskey’s Majestic Steed has a sweet, tangy, citrus aroma that when mixed with the subtle, minty aroma of the Spearmint essential oil creates a radiant blend.  It not only smells fresh but really works for soothing dry, irritated skin, dermatitis, and eczema.  Use of this beard oil will leave you feeling great while sporting a beard that is soft, dandruff free, and easy to care for.  What more could you ask for?

Available in 10ml/0.3oz or 30ml/1oz sizes.